How Vending Machine Works? A Look inside a Vending Machine

Published: 06th January 2012
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Vending Machine is a tricky word! Isnít it? This fabulous automated system known as Vending Machine accepts something from you (money, I mean!) and dispense something to you (off course, the product!). It is a generally accepted fact that Vending Machine Business has been on boom now and Vending Machine Business is rapidly growing in and around Australia. But do you know how his tricky and robotic machine works? If not, letís get inside Vending Machine and get into know how Vending Machine works!
Vending Machine is a robot like machine that works for you. It simply follow your couple commands, like when you insert a coin, it recognizes it, when you choose the product or the item it again recognizes it and dispenses it for you, to you! How amazing, this all thatís too in a time period of seconds only!
A general Vending Machine is made up of piece and it has its own computer or the brain that fuides entire system all the way. Each piece of Vending Machine has its own duty to perform in order to follow your request.
A Look inside
Vending Machineís brain or the computer is located in the central part. The central part or the main computer is nothing but a small box with few keys on it. These keys are for vending machine owners or the programmers who programs vending machine in order to tell machine what it should do when customer presses some buttons.
The payment system
Then, there is another box called validator. The main duty of a validator is to accept the cash or the coin that customers insert into the machine. The validator is made up of a rubber treadmill which drags bills under optical scanners. Each optical scanner is a camera which sends pictures or snaps to the computer. The computer is programmed to look for certain marks in these pictures. If it sees these marks, the validator knows if a bill is genuine money, and it knows how much it's worth. But everybody doesnít pay with bills. There are lots of people who love to pay with coins! The coin mech is made for them! It distinguishes between different types of coins. When you inset the coin, it passes through coils of wires; these wires create an electromagnetic energy field. Any metal object Ė such as coin - will disturb this field. Quarters, pennies, dimes, nickels and fake coins affect the field differently, because they are made up of different metals and vary in thickness. Depending on how the field changes, the coin mech knows what kind of coin you inserted. It sorts the good coins into a separate stack and tells the computer how much money you've put in.
The stock system
Then there is a part for the goods or the products for sale. These goods or the products are kept on pairs of metal spirals, which sit on adjustable shelves. Each pair of spirals is connected to a gear, which is then connected to an electrical motor. When the motors turn, the spirals rotate and push the food forward. And thus the item gets dispensed.
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